Jerome Chadel

Designing for the real estate business

At Z57, I worked as a web designer. I was in charge of the corporate website, and different marketing communications. I also designed some new components of the content management system offered to their customers (real estate agents). I learned a lot by pushing my coworkers to go beyond what was asked to them, and by asking questions all the time.

Although it was impossible to go outside for doing some research activity, I did a lot of unofficial studies that helped me understand better our users, and by involving different people inside the company that had nothing to do with my projects in order to avoid or reduce biases. 

Jerome is an extremely gifted and talented designer that is addicted to knowledge and is always trying to make himself better.
— Matthew Wilkinson, Marketing Manager
Jerome has a real eye for design and the technical skills to make those works of art come to life.
— Hatim Daher, Director Product Management at Z57