Jerome Chadel

The Genepeeks visual identity

Genepeeks branding

In July 2017, when we decided to move our business target from patients to scientists, we decided to revisit some aspect of our branding and design language. I lead the team composed by a UX designer, a graphic/brand designer, and worked with the key stakeholders.  

For the sample kit package, the idea was to lower the cost of the box, to improve its usability and refine the look and feel . The previous boxes were designed by an agency in 2016 using with the rainbow logo. So although the work on the logo was pretty small, my goal was to create a more elegant box, starting with some extremely simple ideas . 


Le current logo (with rainbow) was hard to work with, the color palette developed with it was ambiguous and too complex. But the reception from patients was very positive, so we were trying to find a balance on the visual language.

Here, you can see an evolution of the logo, where we decided to remove the rainbow and strengthen the color palette.

Group 3-5.png

We still kept the rainbow logo for the new box, because we were close to a marketing event where all the print materials had been using the previous design. But we started updating the website and clinical portal. 

During the box project, I worked with a new supplier, Pathtec, to identify what we could improve for the box experience. We wanted to get a more polish design but also a better overall feeling, including the touch, the opening and a better organization inside. So our supplier provided us several prototypes to experiment with.


One other key element from the new design language was the addition of slants, and geometric shapes. We were slowly getting away from a pure consumer patient experience, to a strictly clinic / genetics experience, so we were searching for a more neutral and abstracted look. Here are how we treated this in the print brochure.


The website would be eventually revisited as well, reusing the simplified logo, experimenting with a different typography, and a new layout. Here are a few concepts that we worked on.

Group 3-6.png