Jerome Chadel

Compose your own salad online

Designed in 2007-2008, this website had two goals: 1. Promoting this restaurant, its ambiance and specialties, 2. Starting a new 'compose-your-own-salad' business idea. Here is one version of the Home Page.

  • Designed the entire website and e-commerce experience
  • Coded the whole website in html and css
  • Implemented the content management system CMS Made Simple
  • Hired a developer in India to make the 'salade engine' work


Here is another version of the Home Page, showing direct access to the Salads to be composed. 

This the Salade composition page. It worked like this:

  1. Enter your name and email address
  2. Select your dressing
  3. Drag and drop the ingredients in the bowl
  4. Then pick a formula (Salad only, or Salad and drink)
  5. Eventually select a drink and a dessert
  6. Order

You can test the real product here.