Jerome Chadel

Connect with the brands you love and share your feedback

The Goal Of Soovox was to Identify Social Media Influencers and Connect them with brands.

Being at an early stage startup meant I had the privilege to contribute at different levels of the organization, which was awesome. 

Competitive Analysis

Evaluated potential competitors, and similar platforms, at a content and design level.

Design Execution

Searched for solutions from sketches to mock-ups, and developed design languages for different platform.

User Research

Planned research studies to discover user needs. Conducted usability testing to validate design solutions. 


Hand-coded in HTML, CSS and plugged-in some interactions with jQuery.

By creating an account with Soovox, we would give you a score that represent your social web influence, called The Social IQ™. The algorithm that determined this score used biographic data, behavioral Information, social network connections, network activity, professional background, and area(s) of expertise. Simply put, your Social IQ™ depended on who KNOWS you, who you know, what you say, how interesting is what you say, and who listens to what you say.

Here is how the registration process worked. After entering your personal information such as email, name and password, you would connect with the social network of your choice through their respective API. At first we only had Facebook, twitter and linkedin, but potentially we would have connected more. The trick was that the more network you would connect with Soovox, the higher your score would be, because it meant more posts, shares, likes, comments, etc... across all the networks.


User Research


In 2010 Facebook had 400 millions users, linkedin 90 millions, twitter 40 millions, and instagram was new. 

Soovox had the ambition of leveraging these social networks to create a new place to discuss and vote on the best and worst customer experiences. So we had to study how the other websites worked, but also what was missing in the brand/consumer channel. 

Before testing any of our concepts, we evaluated some of our competitors, their content, but also their user experience.

During the usability tests I used Silverbackapp from Clearleft.

During the usability tests I used Silverbackapp from Clearleft.


Design Execution


In this section I will present different stories created for the Soovox platform, highlighted by some design artifacts. 

Jerome has a keen artistic instinct, an eye for beauty, and a desire for doing high quality work.
— Linlin Wills

The 7 Levels of Social Influence

Your Social IQ would determine your "social rank" in the Soovox language, which had 7 levels, from Newbie to Mogul. We explored different solutions to represent these levels of influence. Moreover, depending what your social rank was, you would have been able to access to different options or prizes. 

Here are some different concepts.


Here is a mock-up representing the 7 levels of influence.


Increase your social IQ

We had created different strategies for boosting your social IQ, from adding a new social network, to sharing a new content, to inviting a friend to join this new adventure.

We made the distinction between passive and active behavior. On one hand discovering Soovox, your Social IQ, or comparing scores with your friends was a passive behavior. An active behavior could be a like, a share, a rate given to a brand experience. But we added something a component to make this offer more compelling: a Soovox currency, called Soovox dollars or $vx. 

Your social IQ would give you a number of Soovox dollars, that you could use with one of our partners. 

Landing page for beta version of soovox

Before we even built a product, we worked on a landing page, that announced Soovox. People were able to register to get an invitation for testing out the beta version. Here are some proposals.

Signing up

Based on an article by Luke Wroblewski that showed more conversion using mad libs for entering email and password, we evaluated these two concepts.


Feed / Posts page

This visual represent a page where users would have posted their messages about brands, with comments from their friends. On that page, people would have been able to vote on the posts they like.

Posts could be filtered by latest (date), brands, or most popular (number of votes).


Customer Experience Sharing

One of the primary concept of Soovox was to allow users to share an experience they had with a brand, and to rate that experience. This would have enabled a customer/brand experience ranking. I really loved that idea, it was very unique, but we never launched it. 

Here are some wireframes created for this idea. As you can see here, we were also thinking about ranking the different brands people would have rated. 

Here are some visual design explorations.