Jerome Chadel

The evaluation of a designer

I learned design by experimenting, reading and listening to people. Entering the world of management lead me to ask myself how I would evaluate my peers, my team. 

I came up with a list of 8 attributes that I find essential to the quality of any designer. 

Group 10.png



Ability to learn from users/customers, and internal people.


Being able to present a problem, a solution in a compelling story.

Information architecture

Organize the elements of the user experience, in a way that makes sense for the people who will use your product.


Being able to articulate objects in time and space.

Visual Design

Choose the visual elements of a design in a way that will make it aesthetically pleasing, and easier to recognize.


Seek for help, and help others whenever you can.


Ability to lead discussions, propose ideas, and demonstrate value when no on else does.


The idea of making an idea alive so we can talk about it, validate it, or use it.


What are you great at that others can learn from you? 


The goal for each designer is to know who you are, your value in the team and the company, and where the business needs you, and where you want to go.