Jerome Chadel

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Genepeeks Analysis report

genepeeks, 2017-2018

Genepeeks visual identity

Genepeeks. 2017

The quest for a research system

Genepeeks, 2018

Do you want to predict your future child's health?

Genepeeks, 2017

Basespace, Genetics research made simple

illumina, 2011-2015

Basespace design process

Illumina, 2012

Positive Patient Identification with PatientSecure

imprivata, 2016

Designing for usability vs security

Imprivata, 2016

LabCorp Product Vision

Medullan, 2015

How do you remember your wine?

winetales, 2010

Compose your own salad online, and pick it up at the restaurant

La Part Thé, 2007

Connect with the brands you love, share your feedback

soovox, 2010-2011